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As noted in the CME Book of Discipline, the purpose of the General Department of Evangelism and Missions of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church is to keep before the church its evangelical and social ministries, as these concerns are expressive of the mission of the church.

The aim of evangelism is to bring all persons into living active fellowship with God through Jesus Christ as Divine Savior and through the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit; to gather them into the fellowship of the Church; to lead them to express their Christian discipleship in every area of human life that the kingdom of God may be realized.

 The objective of the Missions ministry is evangelical and educational, designed to promote Christian missions, Church extension, Missionary education and interest throughout the Connection in the United States and in other countries in which the CME Church conducts missionary activity.


Dr. Faith Allen

General Secretary of Evangelism and Missions

3111 Linwood Blvd.

Kansas City, MO  64128



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