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Why I Chose to Move into Safe Harbor!

The Expanded Key Person Insurance Plan!


January 2018: The Rationality of the 2nd Amendment

February 2018: A Synopsis of CME F&C New Insurance Program

March 2018: Where is Your Retirement Participant Statement Going?

April 2018: “Rock A Bye …”Woe the Markets!

May 2018: The Church and Wakanda!

June 2018: The Retiree Insurance Plan of the CME Church!

July 2018: From Where I Sit …”The Fire & Casualty Insurance Plan Renews –NO INCREASE! 

August 2018: “From Where I Sit ...”A Compliment to our Staff
September 2018:  From Where I Sit ...”A Centennial Celebration – 100 years of Service!

October 2018: "CME Employee Life and Disability Insurance"

November 2018: "Claim Procedures for Life and Disability Insurance"

December 2018: "Safe Harbor and the Trump Administration"


December 2017: How Is It With Your Soul - Testimonials

October 2017: What You Need When the Flood Comes

September 2017: The Duality of  Discipleship!

August 2017: A Hundred Years of Change!

July 2017: A Preacher's Membership

June 2017: New Fire Casualty Plan

May 2017: From Where I Sit …” The CME Retirement Plan …“A Comprehensive Comparison”

April 2017: CME Retirement Plan …Are You In … Or Are You Out?”

March 2017: From Where I Sit …”Spring Planning”

February 2017: What Do We Do Now?

January 2017:“Life Imitates Art …”Does The Church Imitate Politics?

December 2016: Brenda M. Anderson Celebrates 40 years of Service to Personnel Services 

November 2016: Coming Full Circle with Five Educational Institutions

October 2016: What If

September 2016: Timing is Everything

August 2016: A Personal Investment Testimonial

July 2016: The Importance of Having a Will!

June 2016: A Follow Up on the 403(b) Plan

May 2016: What Have I Missed Most  Since Becoming a General Officer?

April 2016: What I Miss Most...

March 2016: Long Term Care Insurance...Why You Need It

February 2016: How's My Money Doing?

January 2016:  Vesting: A Five Year Requirement

December 2015:  Reviewing the Plan...Before Joining the Plan
November 2015: The Conference of Authority...For the Minority Regarding Retirement
October 2015: General Officer Receives NAACP "Diamond Life" Award
September 2015: The Markets - Up and Down
August 2015: Same Sex Marriage...And Then What
July 2015: Why Pre-Enrollees Must Enroll in The CME Church Retirement Plan
June 2015: Some Frequently Asked Questions about The CME Church 403 (b) Plan (as Revised)
May 2015: A Letter From A Widow ...In The CME Gift Plan
April 2015:Free At Last...From Bonded Debt
March 2015:Unity Summit 2015...A New Paradigm
February 2015:Changes to Retiree Insurance Plan
January 2015: Steps to Receive Your CME Retirement Benefits
December 2014:Retirement Planning...What to Do at 62! 
November 2014: General Secretary Speaks to Students at Rust College
October 2014: The Gift Fund...Why We Still Have It! 
September 2014: The Investment Factor...The Present Generation
August 2014: What Do We Believe?...Affirmation or Recitation?
July 2014:  Seven Whirlwind Days and...Thank You!
June 2014: What Should We Know...
May 2014: Retirement Plan Sets New Record!
April 2014: Are You Ready To Bishop?   
March 2014: In Defense of the Earthen Vessel ...!
February 2014: Now That I'm A Senior Citizen!
January 2014: Healthcare and the CME Church!
December 2013: Education is Still Important!
November 2013: General Officers Meet With CVS Caremark Officials on Partnership with the CME Church
October 2013: Living 'Through' Extraordinary Times
September 2013: CME Health Care and the Affordable Health Care Act
August 2013:A Whisper in the Ear of a Minister's Spouse
July 2013: Things I Remember About Communion
June 2013: The Basics of Retirement Investing
April 2013: Membership 'Does' Have Its Privileges...Like SafeChurch
March 2013: Fifty Years Later...Now What
February 2013: A Pastor is Converted to the CME Retirement Plan!
January 2013: This Too Shall Pass (The Fiscal Cliff and the Federal Debt Ceiling)
December 2012: Changes in the CME Retirement Plan and Trust
November 2012: Guide One Insurance Part I - What's the Story!
October 2012: We Did Good...But we can do better!
September 2012: Let Me Be Clear
August 2012: What About Social Security?
July 2012: How Do I Get My Money!
June 2012: CMEs and COGICS Set the Pace!
May 2012: The Importance of Naming Beneficiaries
April 2012:  Obamacare...and Hospital Costs
March 2012: The Life Insurance Benefit...Of the Retirement Plan!
February 2012: A Wise Decision for the CME Retirement Plan!
January 2012: Who Do I Call?

December 2011: Year End Tune-up
November 2011: Retirement and Pension ... A Difference in Practice
October 2011: Safe Harbor ... - A Retirement Option
September 2011: Zion Community (Cemetery) Project, Inc.
August 2011: The CME Gift Fund "What's It All About...?"
July 2011: Improving Your Fire and Casualty Insurance Plan
June 2011: Connectional Copier Program
May 2011: 403 (b) Savings Plan
April 2011: CME Travel Assistance Program

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