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Pastoral Reporting Forms

First Episcopal District

Bishop Henry M. Williamson, Sr.

Second Episcopal District

Bishop Marvin Frank Thomas, Sr.

Third Episcopal District

Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr.

Fourth Episcopal District

Bishop C. James King, Jr.

Fifth Episcopal District

Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton

Sixth Episcopal District

Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr.

Seventh Episcopal District

Bishop James B. Walker

Eighth Episcopal District

Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

Ninth Episcopal District

Bishop Bobby R. Best

Tenth Episcopal District

Bishop Godwin T. Umoette

Eleventh Episcopal District

Bishop Kenneth W. Carter

 The College of Bishops is pleased to announce the new standardized online Pastor’s Form! The new Pastor’s Form provides many benefits.

  • Concerns were heard and this form is user-friendly and easy to fill out online.
  • Instructions are provided for filling out the form along with contact information if assistance is needed.
  • The form must be filled out online and any browser may be used to fill it out.
  • The form is compatible with most mobile devices.
  • Upon completion, the Pastor’s Form can be easily previewed, saved and printed.
  • Before clicking on the submit button, notice the prompts to email the form to your Presiding Bishop and other appropriate persons identified on the form.
  • The person filling out the form will receive by email a PDF attachment of their form. 
  • Presiding Bishops will receive the Pastor’s Forms by email, and can also access the forms at their online portal to provide others.

  • For convenience purposes, the form is posted at the top of all pages on the official CME Web site – Additionally the Pastor’s Form is available on the CME Church mobile app which can be downloaded free from your mobile device’s store <search for CMEChurch>.

 This project has been an evolving initiative of the Communication and Information Technology (CIT) Connectional Department. It is our goal for the new Pastor’s Form to meet the needs of our connectional leadership, pastors and members.

If you have any questions or concerns about a form or your Forms Portal, please email 

To access your Episcopal District's Pastoral Form, please click on your District below.