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The Third Annual


CME Unity Summit


Bishop Paul A.G. Stewart, Sr. preaches the Service of Holy Communion Missionaries at the Executive Board training session Rev. Freeman McKindra preaches at the F.I.R.E. Retreat
Senior Bishop Paul A.G. Stewart, Sr.
Missionaries in Action
Connectional Young Adult Ministry Retreat

Actor/Humanitarian Danny Glover at the
Second Annual Unity Summit
Young Adults
Connectional Lay Institute
Dear Connectional Members and Friends,
The Third Annual CME Unity Summit will be held Tuesday, September 23, 2014 through Saturday, September 27, 2014 at the Sheraton Memphis Downtown located at 260 Main Street in Memphis, Tennessee. Bishop and Mrs. Lawrence L. Reddick III and the members of the First Episcopal District will host the CME Unity Summit. This message will provide you with general information concerning this year's Unity Summit.
One Meeting for Everyone
The CME Unity Summit is a consolidated meeting to provide education, training and nurturing ministries for:


Clergy        Lay      Missionaries     Presiding Elders         Christian Educators    
Young Adults     Ministry to Men       Ministers' Spouses Widows & Widowers
Women in Ministry     Local Church Officers
Registration & Hotel Information
The registration fee is $150 - one fee for all meetings! Tickets for special events are available for purchase now (see information below). The room rate at the Sheraton Memphis Downtown is $110 per night plus tax.
Online Registration
You may register online and purchase event tickets at www.thecmechurch.org/UnitySummit
Thereafter, you will be able to reserve your hotel room. A receipt and hotel confirmation notice will be e-mailed to you.
Mail-in Registration
You may mail in your registration form and pay your registration fee, purchase tickets and secure your hotel room by check or money order. Download a registration form at www.thecmechurch.org/UnitySummit.
You will receive a receipt and hotel reservation form via postal mail. If your e-mail address is indicated on the registration form, a receipt and hotel reservation link will be e-mailed to you.
Ticketed Events
Tickets for the Unity Summit Luncheon and Unity Prayer Breakfast are available for purchase and on site five (5) days before the event and based on availability. These events are sponsored by the Women's Missionary Council.
Unity Summit Luncheon: $50
Thursday, September 25, 2014
Unity Prayer Breakfast: $40
Saturday, September 27, 2014
Discounted Rates for Air Travel on Delta Airlines 
The Group Code for Delta Airlines is NMJ4Z.  Reservations can be made at no charge at www.delta.com. When booking online, select Book A Trip, click on More Search Options and enter the meeting code (NMJ4Z) in the box provided on the Search Flight page. Reservations made at Delta Meetings (1-800-328-1111) will incur a $25 service fee.
Additional information about the Third Annual CME Unity Summit will be provided as it becomes available and posted to the official CME Web site at www.thecmechurch.org/UnitySummit, and sent via e-mail to our connectional members and friends.  Or you may call the CME Unity Summit information line at 1-855-CME-1870 for updated information.  
Please pray for the planning and the success of the Unity Summit!
In His Service,
The CME Unity Summit Executive Committee
Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr., Chair
Senior Bishop Paul A.G. Stewart, Sr., Program Chair
Bishop Henry M. Williamson, Sr., Finance Chair
Dr. Tyrone T. Davis, Executive Director
Dr. Jeanette L. Bouknight, Executive Secretary
Ms. Theresa Duhart, Registrar

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General Information
The Department of Lay Ministry, of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church believes that educating our young men and women is a positive step in helping to provide role models for future generations.  Thus, the Graham-Webb-Kennedy Scholarship named in honor of Dr. Willie L. Graham, Dr. Roscoe Webb, and Dr. Yvonne Kennedy will provide assistance to deserving CME students who plan to further their education after graduating from high school.  The Department of Lay Ministry will, therefore, award nine (9) Graham-Webb-Kennedy Scholarships (one from each Episcopal District within the United States) in an amount no less than $500 and not exceeding $1000. An additional 5% of the award amount will be provided to students who choose to attend a CME College. We believe that this scholarship is one small way of helping to make dreams come true.  
Applicants for the scholarship must plan to enroll in a full-time program of study at an accredited institution of higher learning, vocational, or technical school.  The recipients must provide proof of enrollment prior to receiving the award.  After sufficient proof of enrollment, one-half of the award shall be made available to the institution (in the name of the institution and the student) for the fall semester and the remaining one-half after the beginning of the spring semester.  When the learning institution’s classes are scheduled on a trimester basis, the award amount will be made in equal parts during each trimester.   Scholarship awards are to be used to assist with the cost of tuition, fees, books, room and board, and/or supplies. 
Selection of the Scholarship recipients will be based on: membership in the CME Church, academic achievement, financial need, strength of references, and a 300-400 word essay.  Completed applications must be postmarked no later than May 31, 2014.  PLEASE NOTE: EMAILED OR FAXED APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Note:  An impartial committee of educators will review the applications and recommend a winner from each United States Episcopal District. 

The complete 2014-2015 application package with detailed guidelines and instructions can be accessed at the following online locations, and a future issue of The Christian Index:
-Department of Lay Ministry Web Site
If there are questions, please contact:
Ms. Yvonne Peters, Chair
Graham-Webb-Kennedy Scholarship Committee
Telephone: 314-398-5461
E-mail – ylpeters13@sbcglobal.net


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APRIL 21-25, 2014

Travel to Jamaica and witness the Jamaica Annual Conference with our Episcopal leaders, Bishop and Mrs. Lawrence L. Reddick III.  Join the First Episcopal District members and CME Delegations, as we greet and worship with our CME brothers and sisters in Jamaica. Visit the CME Schools. Enjoy the ambience of the Island at South Coast, St Elizabeth. 
  • Departing Memphis and other locations on Monday, April 21, 2014.  Returning to Memphis and other US locations on Friday, April 25, 2014.
  • CMEs from locations outside of the First Episcopal District will communicate their travel plans directly to D and D Travel Agent, Mrs. Dru Williams at 276-806-2358.
  • Coordination of air travel and ground travel from Montego Bay to Treasure Beach Hotel and Resort is critical for arriving and departing.  Airline reservations will be made for you by D and D Travel Agency.
  • You may submit your travel, rooming and meals on credit card to Travel Agency.
  • Room reservations and meals will be at Treasure Beach Hotel and Resort and through D and D Travel (276)-806-2358. You will need to book 4 nights, breakfast and dinner for Monday thru Thursday.  Please call her to select the type and location of your room (Deluxe Ocean View or Superior Garden View). Both are great!`
As Travel Arrangements Coordinator for the First Episcopal District, Dr. Willie Mae Willett is available to answer questions and provide travel details. She may be reached at (901)751-8551 or (901) 301-8097.





A Message from Bishop Lawrence L. Reddick III

January 31, 2014
As I went through the Litany on Sunday prepared by the Department of Christian Education for Youth and Young Adult Week - a litany that emphasized the ministries that are made possible by digital advances and technological awareness - I realized how short-sighted my "Thanks" were at the end of Bishop Isom's funeral.  I thanked the ushers, the stewardesses, the missionaries, the choir, the clergy, Greenwood Church ... and others for making the service possible.

Forgive my short-sightedness.  I also thank you - Ms. Duhart, Dr. Jones, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Bouknight - for making use of the CME Church's web page, the Christian Index blog, the internet in general to communicate with the CME Church throughout the world, and for the live-streaming of the service made possible by CME-TV.

Also, I erred in stating that "all" of the bishops of the CME Church were present. Bishop Godwin T. Umoette of Nigeria was not able to attend.  (Had I simply read my written "script" before me, I would have said that.)

Thank you.

Lawrence L. Reddick III
Presiding Bishop, First Episcopal District







The Committee on Resolutions for the 2014 CME General Conference
The names of the members of the Committee on Resolutions for the 2014 General Conference are now available and will be published in The Christian Index and The Missionary Messenger.  Additionally, the names have been posted on the official CME Web site at the following locations:
The Committee on Resolutions is appointed by the College of Bishops in accordance with ¶206 of The Book of Discipline, Revised 2010.  The following are pertinent paragraphs from The Book of Discipline, Revised 2010
            ¶206.  There shall be a Committee on Resolutions appointed by the College of Bishops.  Each Bishop shall appoint one member to the Resolutions Committee by September 1 of the year preceding the General Conference.  The Presiding Bishop of the District shall publish the name of the committee member throughout the District.
            ¶206.1.  All resolutions, memorials, and other materials contemplated for presentation to the General Conference shall be sent to the appropriate Episcopal District Resolutions Committee member on or before January 31 of the year of the General Conference.
            ¶206.2.  Resolutions mailed, sent or given to the Episcopal District representative shall be examined by him or her to ascertain if they meet the requirements for proposed legislation (cf. ¶1500.7, §4).  All resolutions requiring changes in the wording and/or legal meanings of provisions in the Discipline shall state the paragraph, section, page and language to be changed and the language to be substituted.  In addition to the requirements referenced, resolutions shall not contain more than three preamble paragraphs.  If the resolutions do not meet the requirements, they shall be returned for corrections. 
In addition to these paragraphs from The Book of Discipline, Revised 2010, the College of Bishops has agreed upon the following regulations for the sake of uniformity:
1)  Resolutions should be submitted in writing.
a)  Hard copies given to or mailed to the Episcopal District Representative should be typed in 12 point font, on only one side of the paper.  Multiple pages should be stapled together.
b)  Resolutions submitted via email should be sent as an attachment in Word document format.
c)  The submitter of the resolution must type his/her name, address, telephone, email and local church information on each page of the resolution.
d)  Resolutions submitted on behalf of groups and organizations should clearly state this information and include one name as the point of contact.
2) As directed by ¶206.2 above, all resolutions requiring changes in the wording and/or legal meanings of the provisions in the Discipline shall state the paragraph, section, page and language to be changed and the language to be substituted.
3)  As directed by ¶206.2, all Resolutions shall contain no more than three preamble paragraphs.
4)  Resolutions not meeting the above requirements will be returned for corrections.  Corrected resolutions must be returned in time to meet the January 31, 2014 deadline.
Bishop Lawrence L. Reddick, III 
Secretary of The College of Bishops 
September 14, 2013



Visit www.CMETVnetwork.com and click on the online media store shop button to purchase media from the Pastors' Conference and previous CME events.   While viewing all live events, please utilize the social media buttons to connect with others that are watching live. Just log on! 
CDs and DVDs will be available onsite for all plenary programs and services except Thursday's closing service (which will be available only by mail). 
Available on DVD: The Homegoing Celebration of Senior Bishop Thomas L. Hoyt, Jr. & 12 Commemorative Sermons
Dear Connectional Members and Friends,
The Hoyt family has graciously allowed CMETv to produce a DVD of the Homegoing Services of Senior Bishop Thomas L. Hoyt, Jr.  Below, you will find a link to purchase the Homegoing Celebration and / or a commemorative package of 12 sermons on DVD of Senior Bishop Thomas L. Hoyt, Jr.  The net proceeds of these purchases will be given to the Hoyt family and donated to the Phillips School of Theology's Bishop Thomas L. Hoyt, Jr. Scholarship Fund. 
Purchase DVDs now at www.vizionmediastore.com.
In His Service,
CMETv Family



Bishop Paul A.G. Stewart, Sr.


      Upon the death of Bishop Hoyt on Sunday, October 27, 2013, Bishop Paul A. G. Stewart, Sr., who was named “Acting Senior Bishop” by the College of Bishops following Bishop Hoyt’s health crisis in Houston, Texas (Sept. 22, 2013), officially assumed the role of Senior Bishop and Chief Executive Officer of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

      The Senior Bishop is the bishop who is first in order of election of all bishops still in active service.  Bishop Stewart was elected the 50th bishop of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in the 1998 General Conference in Birmingham, Alabama. 
      Bishop Stewart is presently presiding bishop of the Third Episcopal District, comprising the Michigan-Indiana, the Southeast Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin, and the Kansas-Missouri Regions. Upon his election in 1998, he was assigned to the Fifth Episcopal District (Regions in Alabama and Florida).  In 2002 he was assigned to the Third Episcopal District. 
      He and his wife, Mrs. Earline Stewart, reside in Florissant, Missouri.


Bishop Lawrence L. Reddick, III, Secretary
Bishop Teresa E. Snorton, Chair 
Bishop Godwin T. Umoette 
Bishop Ronald M. Cunningham
Bishop E. Lynn Brown
Bishop Othal H. Lakey
Bishop William H. Graves
Bishop Marshall Gilmore
Bishop Dotcy I. Isom, Jr.


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