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January 12-15, 2015
Sheraton Gateway Hotel - College Park, GA

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FREEDOM SUNDAY- GOTV (Get Out the Vote) 
October 12, 2014


Dear Connectional Members and Friends,
THANK YOU!  Over 1,000 Pastors, Stewards and Stewardesses participated in our Freedom Sunday GOTV Conference Call!
1._____Our Church held a Freedom Sunday Celebration
2._____Attended the Celebration
3._____Voters were registered to vote
4._____Committed to vote by November 4th!
How Can My Church GOTV (Get out the Vote)
By Connectional Lay Council President
Barbara Christian Campbell
Reprinted from The Christian Index
This is a reminder that the election is only a few days away, ...; however there are still things that you can do.
(1) You can deliver absentee ballots to your elderly members or those who have a handicap, and take absentee ballots to the nursing home(s) in your community.
(2) Use your church marquee to advertise Early Voting and post a number for free transportation to the poll.
(3) Send absentee ballots to students who are in college so that they can Vote. Remember to send an absentee ballot also to those who are in the armed forces.
(4) Take absentee ballots to the jail, because until they are sentenced, they are still citizens with the right to vote.
(5) Call the school and ask the counselor to remind registered students to please VOTE!
(6) Ask members who vote early to wear their “I Voted” sticker to church so that we can keep a count of those who have voted early!
(7) Volunteer in the campaign headquarters of the candidate you support. They need people to make calls, pass our flyers and post signs in the yards of those who consent. Make a Donation to your candidate, no matter how small, it still helps.
(8) Post in church bulletin the locations of voting precincts for early voting.
(9) Post sample ballots on the bulletin board and pass out sample ballots if possible.
(10) Take the required ID to the poll.
In His Service, 
Bishop Godwin T. Umoette
Chair of the College of Bishops
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 
Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick  
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 
"The Investment Factor: A Changed People, Changing the World"


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Thursday October 9, 2014
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Dear Loyal CME:
                In my earlier written focus on voter registration and a request for an offering this month for those affected by the Ebola virus in West Africa, I did not intend to overlook another request in our Book of Discipline for us to celebrate the second Sunday in October as Connectional Lay Day.  On this Sunday, we are asked to receive a “free will” offering for the Department of Lay Ministry.  The offering is used to support the Graham-Webb-Kennedy Scholarship Fund.  Please send the Connectional Lay Day Offering to the Department of Lay Ministry, Dr. Clifford Harris, General Secretary, 15485 Prairie Bell Road, Okmulgee, Oklahoma  74447-8690.
                Thank you.
                Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick
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Tuesday October 7, 2014

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Tenth Episcopal District
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Bishop Godwin T. Umoette, Presiding Prelate
The CME Church Observes
50 Years of Ministry in West Africa
Dear Connectional Members and Friends,
In the 2008 book, I Can Feel the Drums Beating in My Veins, Bishop Kenneth W. Carter paid homage to his predecessors and their fifty years of service to our CME brothers and sisters on the Motherland.
In that same tradition, Bishop Godwin T. Umoette, the first African–born Presiding Prelate of the Tenth Episcopal District/Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, expresses gratitude and deep appreciation for all whose footprints, labor, sacrifice, and strong shoulders upon which he now stands.
On December 4-7 2014, our Zion will commemorate 56 years of service in Africa. Bishop Umoette, Sister Elizabeth Umoette, and the Tenth Episcopal Districts invite our western hemisphere brothers and sisters to join in this historic observation of service to our Lord.
We are preparing a souvenir book for the occasion.  To that end, we are asking Episcopal Leaders, Connectional Officers, General Officers, Judicial Council, Presiding Elders, Pastors and congregations to send acknowledgments,  goodwill messages, or greetings as follows:

 1. Please e-mail your message (with copy-ready attachment) to

 2. Mail checks payable to The 10th Episcopal District/PO Box 15641/Fort Worth, TX 76119
Following are the prices for messages: Full page-$200.00; half page-$100.00; One fourth page-$50.00.
In order to efficiently facilitate the challenges inherent in our bi-continental endeavor, we ask that all messages, greetings, and acknowledgments be directly e-mailed to me no later than November 3, 2014.

If you need additional information, please contact Joyce Howard Johnson [817-832-9601], US Liaison/10th Episcopal District.
We look forward to this historic moment in the life and witness of our Zion’s international work, and ask that you pray for divine grace upon our gathering.  We hope to see you in December!

Your Brother in Service,

+ Godwin T. Umoette
Presiding Prelate
Tenth Episcopal District
Christian Methodist Church
"The Investment Factor: A Changed People, Changing the World"


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Sunday October 5, 2014

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 The College of Bishops in its Fall 2014 meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, voted two priorities for the month of October which CMEs are asked to work toward:  (1) a voter registration thrust and “get out the vote” organizing in the United States and (2) an offering for the relief of the people of Liberia during this Ebola crisis time.
Congregations are asked to pray and work toward voter registration, and are also asked to organize to help persons get to the polls on Election Day, November 4.
Congregations are also asked to take an offering during the month of October for the emergency relief of persons in Liberia.  Make your check payable to the Department of Finance (you can write in the Memo, Liberia Relief), and send that check to your Bishop’s office.
Your support of both these thrusts are important.  We must register to vote and vote on November 4th in order to work toward justice issues in the United States.  Furthermore, we must keep our Liberian brothers and sisters lifted in prayer and lifted by our efforts to give financial aid.  Through the leadership of Bishop Godwin T. Umoette, we agreed to coordinate our CME efforts with our sisters and brothers of the AME Church, AME Zion Church, and The United Methodist Church families.
Thank you for your support.
Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick  
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church  
October 4, 2014
"The Investment Factor: A Changed People, Changing the World"


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Wednesday October 1, 2014

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Freedom Sunday and Get Out the Vote
Prayer Conference Call
Sunday, October 5th at 7:00 P.M. (All Time Zones)
Call In Number (661) 673-8600 
Pin Number 1038024#
Your Bishop will be on the Call,
so Please Join the Call!
Reminder Notice:  To make our Freedom Sunday Get Out the Vote Event truly successful, please email or call  your network of CME Leaders and encourage them to " turn out " significant numbers on October 5th at 7:00 PM. 
October 5th will be a special night, and October 12th will bring a good report because of our collective efforts. Thank you!
Dear Connectional Members and Friends,
All Stewards, Stewardess, Pastors and Presiding Elders are asked to join the Connectional Officers, General Officers, Judicial Council and Bishops of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church for a Freedom Sunday Prayer Conference Call regarding your community and the critical role you play in this important event.
Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick, joined by the College of Bishops of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, has declared October 12th as Freedom Sunday throughout the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.  To download and print this announcement, please click here.
What is Freedom Sunday?
The purpose of Freedom Sunday, October 12th is to set a time for every CME church to hear preaching and teaching about voter empowerment, civic engagement and registering new voters. The upcoming election is as critical as any in our nation's history, therefore, challenging our communities to achieve full voter participation is our civic duty.
How Should My Church Participate?
Register Voters and Plan a Service: Members of your local church should begin now identifying unregistered voters and assisting them to register. By October 12th, every CME must register, and we must also register other eligible voters with whom we can make contact. Plan a service for October 12th celebrating the historic struggle for the freedoms we enjoy and highlight the importance of the November elections.
Celebrate and Report the Results: Freedom Sunday, October 12th will happen in concert with our Connectional Lay Day Event. Each congregation should report to the following to their Presiding Elder:
_____Our Church held a Freedom Sunday Celebration
_____Attended the Celebration
_____Voters were registered to vote
_____Committed to vote by November 4th!
Imagine what will happen in our country this November if each CME Church commits to registering an average of at least twenty new voters in the next 10 days.
Will you help us help your community by investing in registering new voters?
In His Service, 
Bishop Godwin T. Umoette
Chair of the College of Bishops
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 
Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick  
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 
"The Investment Factor: A Changed People, Changing the World"


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