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The Publishing Department is the oldest Department of the CME Church.

The function of the Publishing Department is:

1. To disseminate official proclamations.

2. Publish and distribute denominational literature.

3. To act as literary mind of the church.

4. To increase loyalty through a fuller knowledge and appreciation of the history and progress of the denomination.

 A record of the faithful should be among the chief historical documents in the publishing house of the church. The Publishing House has the never-ending task of safeguarding the doctrine and indoctrination of the church through the printed page. The cultivation of the church's program is also a part of the work of the Publishing Department



Dr. Roderick D. Lewis, Sr.

General Secretary of Publications

P.O. Box 161212

Memphis, TN  38186-1212

  901-396-5400  Fax:  901-396-5406


Bishop Henry M. Williamson, Sr.

Miles Bookstore