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Welcome to the CME Tech Shop! The CME Tech Shop is open 24 x 7 and operated by the Communication & Information Technology (CIT) Connectional Department. 

The CME Tech Shop provides discounted computer hardware and software from major vendors for Affiliates of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church which include:

Episcopal Districts
General Departments
Connectional Departments
Local churches
Presiding Elders' Districts
CME ministries and organizations
Individuals - purchases for individual use may only be made at Dell, Inc.

Due to the agreements with Apple and CDW, Inc., purchases for individual use is not allowed.  Dell, Inc. allows for individuals (members of the CME Church) to purchase from their store.

CME Affiliates must fill out a registration form before using the CME Tech Shop portal. You will be assigned a password to access the CME Tech Shop. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your credentials to access the CME Tech Shop. Thank you! 

Download a flyer for the CME TechShop.

DELL Store

Browse Dell's catalog on discount through the CME Dell Membership Program!Open to all Christian Methodist Episcopal members and Affiliates!

Type your member ID PS117859068 in order to login.
To order by phone, please call Dell affiliate toll free number, 800-695-8133, and provide your ID to one of our Sales Representatives.

Apple Store

Apple offers a discount program to Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Affiliates through the CME Tech Shop! 

This program is available only to CME Affiliate organizations as described above and not intended for individual purchases.  We must abide by the terms of agreement with Apple. 

NOTICE - You must be given access to the CME Tech Shop portal before you can login and view the Apple store. 

CDW offers the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church non-profit discounts on software and hardware.

CDW offers a vast catalog of computer software from Microsoft, Adobe and other vendors.  CDW has hardware and peripherals from vendors such as Apple, HP, Lenovo, InFocus, SonicWall, Netgear and more! Whether you're looking for a new laptop, printer, server, networking components, or just a mouse, you can find it at CDW.

NOTICE - You must be given access to the CME Tech Shop portal before you can login and view the CDW store.