Note:  The following downloadable CME Logo graphic files are available.  The graphic files may be used by our connectional churches to send to professional graphic layout and design businesses (to produce a large scale CME logo printed on large size banners). 


Download the official CME Logo:    EPS format      JPEG format      TIF format

The official logo or symbol of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church was originally authorized by Bishop B. Julian Smith for the Centennial General Conference held in Memphis, 1970.  It was officially adopted by the General Conference in 1974 as the denomination's connectional marker.
Designed by Will E. Chambers, the logo shows the place of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in the rapidly changing urbanized society and its relation to God's people. 
The logo is composed of:
The World Globe which represents the vineyard of God;
The Skyline which stands for the Church's concern for human and
urban problems and people's alienation from God and one another;
The Weather Vane which symbolizes the need of the Church to be flexible in terms of meeting the contemporary needs of people; and
The Cross which denotes, by its vertical bar, the need for a proper relationship between people and God, and by its horizontal bar, the need for proper relationships between people.  The total Cross is a sign of the final-assured victory through the blood of Jesus Christ.

The Official CME Logo