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The Episcopal Assignments and the Departmental Chairs for the 2018-2022 Quadrennium

Departmental Chairs

Ministry to Men

Bishop C. James King, Jr.
Lay Ministry

Bishop Marvin Frank Thomas, Sr.
Evangelism & Missions

Bishop Bobby R. Best
Ministers' Spouses, Widows and Widowers

Bishop Godwin T. Umoette
Patron Bishop of the Women's Missionary Council and Communication and Information Technology (CIT)
Bishop James B. Walker

Chair: Bishop Kenneth W. Carter
Vice Chair: Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr.
Ecumenical Officer and Endorsing Officer
Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton
Christian Education
Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr.
Bishop Henry M. Williamson, Sr.
Personnel Services
Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

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Episcopal Assignments

8th Episcopal District: Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

1st Episcopal District: Bishop Henry Williamson

6th Episcopal District: Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr.

11th Episcopal District: Bishop Kenneth Carter

7th Episcopal District: Bishop James B. Walker

3rd Episcopal District:  Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr.

5th Episcopal District; Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton

10th Episcopal District; Bishop Godwin T. Umoette

9th Episcopal District: Bishop Bobby R. Best

2nd Episcopal District: Bishop Marvin F. Thomas

4th Episcopal District; Bishop C. James King, Jr.