Bishop Marvin F. Thomas, Sr.

is the New Chair of the
College of Bishops

Presiding Bishop Marvin Frank Thomas, Sr.,of the Second Episcopal District was installed as the new Chair of the College of Bishops on Friday, September 23. 



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Landmark Events in Years that Ended with “Six”
by Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

Dear CME Family:

           As I was preparing for the CME Church’s 146th Anniversary Service in Jackson, Tennessee, on December 17, I was grateful that we were putting forth a service that would be internationally streamed for the entire denomination across the world.  It was a first for our Church Anniversary services.

           I was also reminded, while preparing, of other “firsts” or landmarks in the history of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in years that ended with the number “six.”  Here are some of them:

  • In 1966, the General Conference in Miami voted “full clergy rights” for women in the CME Church – a precursor to the election of the first woman bishop in 2010.
  • In 1966, the General Conference in Miami, for the first time, held an election of only one bishop (Bishop Joseph A. Johnson, Jr., was elected on the fourth ballot; the only other time only one bishop was elected was in 1970 – Bishop C. A. Kirkendoll).
  • In 1956, the change of the name of the denomination from Colored Methodist Episcopal to Christian Methodist Episcopal became official.  (Yes, the first vote to change the name occurred in the General Conference of 1954, but the matter was ruled a Constitutional question which required the affirmation of a ¾ majority vote in the General Conference as well as in the Annual Conferences.  The official report of the ¾ affirmative vote of the Annual Conferences was made by the Secretary of the College of Bishops in January 1956, and The Book of Discipline, Revised 1958, reported the votes and stated, “… the name of the Church became officially known as the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, January 19, 1956.”)
  • In 1946, the General Conference established the Judicial Council (the resolution called for the establishment of a “Judicial Court”).
  • In 1946, the General Conference also voted to “relieve” then-Senior Bishop Charles H. Phillips “of the duties attendant of Annual Conference presidency,” giving him designation as “Episcopal Anthologist” and “Senior Bishop Emeritus” (he had served as active bishop overseeing annual conferences since 1902 and was 88 years old).
  • In 1926, the General Conference voted to accept “Collins Chapel Hospital” (previously operated by doctors who were members of Collins Chapel CME Church, Memphis, Tennessee – the Martin brothers) “as a connectional hospital.”
  • And in 1926, the General Conference voted to allow the Annual Conference delegations to future General Conferences to have one woman as a lay delegate.  (It was also ruled during the General Conference to be a Constitutional question, requiring a 2/3 vote and the votes of Annual Conferences.)   The General Conference’s affirmative vote was 231 to 27.

          Years that end in “six” -- if they show us nothing us, they show us that anything in the Church’s polity and even in its Constitution can be changed -- by the right procedures and with the right number of votes.  That’s something to think about as we prepare for electing delegates in 2017 and going to a General Conference in 2018.

+ Lawrence L. Reddick III


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