Not all Christians are being silent. Church leaders, including CME Church Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick, drafted this statement because the soul of the nation is at stake. Will you join them? #ReclaimJesus

The CME Church's College of Bishops has wholeheartedly voted to endorse the NAACP's initiative to fight the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Black Community. The Resolution is available to download here and listed below.

Here is a brief history of the initiative from the NAACP from Rev. Keron R. Sadler, NAACP National Health Manager.Additional information is

The NAACP Health Department is and has been doing around HIV as a social justice issue. The initiative is called The Black Church & HIV: the Social Justice Imperative {BCHSJI} ( which enlists faith leaders as change agents in the fight against HIV in Black America. The NAACP national health department and Gilead Sciences pledged to scale up The Black Church and HIV initiative over a five-year period to reach 30 cities that make up nearly two-thirds of the nation's HIV epidemic. With the goal of changing the way HIV is viewed and approached in the Black community, the initiative will continue to establish a national network of Black faith leaders, religious institutions and community members committed to making systemic cultural and behavioral change in the communities hit hardest by HIV.

The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Fights the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

in the Black Community as a Social Justice Issue

WHEREAS, there are over 21,000 Black Churches across the United States of America; and 

WHEREAS, of the 39,000,000 Blacks living in the U.S. 53% attend church weekly, which leverages the power of 20,000,000 to end new HIV infections; and 

WHEREAS, if Black America were its own country, it would rank 16th in the world for people living with HIV; and 

WHEREAS, African Americans represent 12% of the population but account for 44% of the new HIV infections in the United States; and 

WHEREAS, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 32 Black women and 1 in 16 Black men will be infected with HIV during their lifetime; and 

WHEREAS, HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death among Black women 25-34 years of age and the second leading cause of death of Black men 35-44 years of age; and 

WHEREAS, Black women are disproportionately affected, representing over 50% of new infections nationally because the female’s anatomy makes them more susceptible to HIV infection; and 

WHEREAS, the HIV/AIDS crisis is rising among youth and seniors over the age of 50; and 

WHEREAS, for definitive change, interventions must occur at the societal, community and individual levels for the greatest impact; 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church will endorse the Black Church and HIV: The Social Justice Imperative initiative as a core priority at Annual Sessions to reduce stigma, discrimination, myths, and shame around HIV/AIDS; and 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church will partner with the NAACP national health department staff to provide technical assistance to pastors in support of strategic programs that promote regular HIV testing and prevention education in their respective communities in order to raise awareness about HIV as a social justice issue; and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, beginning 2018, increase pastoral engagement by 10% each year to partner with the NAACP to intentionally communicate HIV as a social justice issue or the disproportionate way it is impacting the Black community during the Day of Unity; and 

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, the local churches of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church will engage in the fight to prevent new HIV infections by hosting HIV faith leader trainings and partnering on the annual Day of Unity. 

On behalf of the College of Bishops, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, this 21st day of May, 2018.

Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton, Secretary

Bishop Lawrence Reddick, Senior Bishop

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Paine College president Dr. Jerry L. Hardee announced that Augusta businessman and philanthropist Peter Knox IV donated $1 million to Paine College on May 2, 2018 to help build back up its endowment just days prior to Commencement and Alumni Reunion Weekend!

Knox “has taken a leap of faith in Paine College,” Hardee said. “I have to work hard to justify Peter Knox’s faith in me as president.” The money will go toward the endowment but Knox said it was “a gift. No strings attached.

”Mr. Knox submitted a quote that was displayed during the press conference that read, "Let's make it about Paine and Paine's rich, lengthy history in Augusta; about Augusta being a college town and the strength of having more, not fewer, centers for learning and growth; about "building bridges" in town; about our youth; about love and respect."

To help tell Paine College’s story, Mr. Knox sponsored a full-page ad that appeared in the Augusta Chronicle. In addition, the Augusta Chronicle issued an editorial in support of Paine and Peter's generosity.

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